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The IPL Top 5 & Flop 5 TV Adverts

Today newspaper have mention on Anil Kumble’s Book “Wide angle”, Kumble’s display of his s alternative career. The timing is right, as the IPL is hot right now and Deccan Challengers doing really well (The game against Rajasthan Royals was a complete stunner, great strategy and execution).

Amidst Excitement are these small ad breaks; I have no choice but to look at them. Here’s my list of Top 5 and Flop 5 of The IPL Ad Campaigns.

Top 5 (in no order of preference)

Idea Cellular

In a category which has Airtel and Vodaphone, it is difficult to create another entertaining commercial. The standards itself are so high. In this ad, Abhishek Bachchan with a sidekick and a hot secy invites the viewers to “Ungli Cricket”. Quite funny, esp the side kick is hilarious esp the one on drinks. The sidekick gets high and starts slurring.

“Baat Karne Se Hi Baat Banati Hai”. Great script, but could have been complete without Sharman Joshi in it.

Finesse defines this commercial, has no story, but a memorable track and Kalki Koechlin appeal. Imran Khan sizzles. Superb execution!

This time the “Shock Laga” makes the whole family twist. The other ads are also in a similar league- “Uparwala Bachaye Na Bachaye, Havell Fans will save 40% electricity”.

Some of the ads in the series are interesting- the one on Gaming. Masterpiece is created only once. I wonder for how long can they sustain this campaign.

Flop 5 (in the order of preference)

Ranbir Kapur is completely wasted. Have no other words. It’s long, complicated and the edit version doesn’t make any sense. The more I see the more i get convinced of my opinion.

The one that I’m taking about doesn’t have Amir Khan. It has two doors and some arbit action
between the two doors. Fast and absolutely incomprehensible! Luckily Samsung does have that
version on the net!

Max New York Life
The Kid has brilliant expressions, however still haven’t understood the relevance of Shiksha Plan in the whole scheme of things.

Thumbs Up
Death defying commercial, I wish Akshay Kumar did that. In this new commercial, he is being chased by a woman. Must be a client driven initiative (something on the lines of get woman to drink Thumbs up, or a universal appeal blah blah). I guess the woman folks liked Thumbs up and until this commercial. The track also a drag…

Mountain Dew
“Dar ke Age jeet hai” doesn’t make a connect (guess the edit version is too rushed). The thrill of adventure and being on the edge is not there in the commercial.

Slice is the only good commercial from Pepsi’s stable.

Hope someone’s listening!


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Gadgets Ads et al…

It has been a while that I have put a new article on my blog. Pretty much, last few months everything was happening, and unfortunately was regular work which took lot of time. The realisation dawned upon me when I was going through the LinkedIn profile; now you can add tools to stay connected (You see I’m not that proficient user of Facebook). I found it a great way to stay connected.

That brings me the to the discussion of Content Vs The Gadget. How does one get access to a thousand of browsers out there- through content (traditional) or gadget/tool (Hmmm…)

Computers are getting personal and so are the the website. The scope of customising the websites to your taste and preference; There is a huge scope of customisation.(Though I belong to the old generation, who use the website as it is, but I’m sure the techies and the young new generation is adept at this art). I have seen my nephew customising his Google and Yahoo home page and close friend using Google reader to get himself updated with the latest happening. Small little gadgets does a save that extra effort that you might otherwise require to source the content.No wonder Google is promoting these dinky units in a big way. These can be rendered in multiple formats- HTML/Flash, can have live data feeds and can be placed on any web page, including iGoogle.

So for marketers, we might not yet bid Goodbye to the old world of CTR optimied, Geo and IP targeted ad units, but we would want to utilise the Gadget ads in a ever increasing way. comScore, the leading third party digital Media audit agency has reported and increase in popularity of this new offering.

This is a list of interesting gadgets/applications…

Coke bubble application
Fidelity instruments Market monitor
Southwest Airlines- Ding (my favourite :))
Target- The widget allows you to search Target products from your desktop
Acuvue- wink application

Here’s another great article that I came across on iMedia- Creative Primer on Power of Brand Widgets.


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