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Labyrinth #Day 9

FLOW (3)

Have you ever had a feeling of being consumed, completely? With no track of time, and hours pass like seconds? It means that you haven’t played Labyrinth yet.

Labyrinth may be in a position to beat Game of Thrones, if you ever thought GOT to be the ultimate gift to mankind. The unassuming innocuous board game has the capacity to consume you and have you split your hair, till to reach the end at least one time. The objective of the game is very simple to start from no.1 and reach 36, surpassing all the holes in between. There are two levers, one on the right had side and the other facing you. You can twist and incline the surface and make the ball move. You can’t touch the ball on the board and if you go into the hole, you start again.

There are holes which have had maximum number of people getting frustrated, these are no.3, no.6, no.16, No.23 & no.33. You would want to bet on people who are able to get by these easily.

The game requires umpteen amounts of concentration, no lesser than playing a video game. It requires immense hand-eye co-ordination. This would be exact intension that Dhriti would have got this game as a gift on her 7th birthday.

Labyrinth was not an instant favorite. When the young ones ran out of Monopoly, Guess Who, Labyrinth was used as a new novel challenge, which of course I had to demonstrate. The first attempt was not more than 6. Predictably, the kids got bored in 30 minutes, and that was when I introduced the game to the adults, who were couple of drinks down. Sadly none of them could better my score.

The following night, after challenging Dhriti, I decided to have a go at it. It was late in the night at 10.00 pm. There were many success on the way by 11.00, more determination by 12.00 and at 1.00 am I decided to take the break. By this time I had been able to cross no.27 but got into the 31st hole. I went to the balcony which has a wonderful view of the Burj Khalifa, with no thoughts on the game.

I thought I was taking it too hard.

It was getting too late and in the interest of a peaceful morning, I gave myself another 30 minutes to complete the challenge. I tried to reflect upon what had not gone right.

All this while I have been focusing on not getting into the hole and never focused on the black line.

This could be my only chance and I went back to the board, letting my subconscious take over. I was not trying to move the ball, or make my hands stable. Nothing at all. I was only looking at the big broad black line, and my subconscious was doing the rest. I crossed No.31 and finally reached no.36. I tested my hypothesis by going back from no.36 to start. Though it took me couple of times, but the hypothesis was correct.

When the mind agrees, body follows.

When you focus, every inch of you is dedicated to the goal.

Isn’t it uncanny that if you your life has happened the way you wanted it to. You may not realize that very second, but when you look back, you will find that it went exactly the way you have thought about it. But all this while you have been focusing on the hole and not the black line.

To which Mr. Steve Jobs in his famous address said “Dots connect.”

When you don’t focus on the holes, life happens. Maybe, there are other ways of conquering Labyrinth, but this is the most novel one.

Life greets you in the most unexpected circumstances.

What are yours and how did you welcome it?

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