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Specificity – II #Day 7

Rise & Grind (2)

Specificity has been knocking my subconscious since discovered it in a podcast. It has stuck to my thoughts like a morsel stuck between my teeth. I decided, one post is not enough.

I cannot help categorizing Specificity as a behavior rather than a narrative style. As humans, we tend to look for a simpler rendition of the universe, best represented in two dimensional format as Gaussian bell curve. The universe sits where the bell is, our representation of reality. However, there are few who only exist on the either side of the bell curve. They also represent reality, but have got lost in the average. They are the outliers, the exceptions and don’t conform to the norm. In real life, such outlier are rare. They are masters and experts and have helped widen the definition of our perceptions. Quite certainly, the journey for such souls won’t have started to discover the “Interestingness” of their subject of choice. For these the “interestingness” is the outcome of the journey. The journey that would have taken time, sacrifice and passion, resulting in the mastery of the craft.

By no means, I’m implying sensationalism. I do hate sensationalism and I find it to be a byproduct of consumeristic, media hogging world. Where everything and anything is vying for attention, so that it can be sold, else it would be shelved. The winner outshouts the competition, seduces the consumer and rules the stock market. It is quite a winning formula and secret to domination of the bell curve. This is where the large majority resides, breathes and gets pampered, compared. No less than the crafty headlines of Times of India or Mr. Arnab Goswami emotional rants (it connects with the voice of the nation) or TV Channel Aaj tak, which has a lion share of the eyeballs. They all have reinvented Specificity of different kind. They all believe in departing from what is the norm. Specificity would come naturally to them.

Specificity is opened new perspectives, to be critical and appreciate the point of view. Like a child, who would play with the Lego brick the same way every time, in this new phase, I have been reading as if it were my second book of the favorite mystery series. Just like my daughter would look forward to open the box, appreciating everything about it from the sound of Legos coming crashing down to the brilliance of color of the brick, reading for me now is an act of deep attention, with single minded focus on each written word.

It is taking me longer to read these day.

I have got at least one feedback that I have become slow; I have been thinking aloud. Determined to discover Specificity, I am, like cubism, breaking the thoughts, putting each of its parts in every possible dimension. My position is uncomfortable, because I always believed in the finiteness of time. And then there is pleasure to explore the terrain that you resists the most. Like explore a new place without a map, where each step is a milestone, where everything is new and everything is unprecedented. There are no qualms even if the whole thought starts to breakdown. I discovered that this is the most efficient use of time.

Stillness is beautiful.

This is the first week of 66 day ordeal and good part is that not a single day has been missed. Therefore today I reach my countdown in fifties.

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