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Personal Everest



I’m Robin Sharma’s latest fan. “Stay centered on your personal Everest.” was his last message on the first news letter. These are powerful words (thank you Robin Sharma) and have stuck to me since I read it 3 day ago. Big revolutions start small.

Spectacular success in any field doesn’t come by luck. The thumb rule says 10,000 hours or 10 years of minimum devoted time required to master any discipline. Overnight success is a misnomer. Motivation may provide the initial push; discipline and dedication will carry you through. It is hard but not impossible, what you like will define your purpose and you will find a way. I don’t remember much about my crossing my first marathon finish line, but by first 10k. My dedicated 2 months preparation to conquer 10k, is filled with inspirational memories. The terrain was rugged and I fell twice. The distance was the longest that I had ever ran. The glory of crossing the finish line led me to complete half-marathon, full-marathon and the ultra distance.

Personal and professional greatness is one step at a time and required discipline. It requires getting out of the comfort zone and honing the skill again and again till it becomes a part of your subconscious. This journey is a lonely one.

I have started with a few steps that have proved beneficial.

#1) 5 AM Club: Morning starts at 5.00 AM without fail irrespective of weekday or weekend. This time is what I don’t share with anyone.

#2) Meditation: 30 minutes of meditation and prayer, crystallize the thoughts for the morning

#3) Journal writing: Heeding to this advice by Mr. Robin Sharma, sets the mood for the day. The journal has challenges, guidance and affirmations.

#4) Exercise: On alternate days, I go for a morning run.

Careful not to do too much, and focus only on activities that add 1% to you everyday (and therefore your climb to your personal Everest). Take time to imagine, reflect, plan and think. Regularly, you would need to pull yourself out of your comfort zone and encounter melange of doubt, hesitancy, escape & limiting belief.

This is not impossible but difficult. “Stay centered on your personal Everest.” Thank you Mr. Sharma.



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