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One of the games that I often play with my 6 year old daughter Dhriti is “Make Up”. She and I take turns to provide the other 3 words all disconnected and the other person has to make up a story.

I love the game because this is one time that Dhriti likes to let loose and try to beat me with her little stories; her enthusiasm is infectious. I realise that I have so less of it; my storytelling abilities.

It is always better when we put some joy back into a banal ritual and let our passions engage. The single most important thing for success.

I was reminded of this when I was lying back in my apartment going over the rituals of the day. I was wondering if I had missed out on any important data or left out any opportunity to maximise conversion. It is measurable and hence we should maximise it.

Banal and boring. Where is the story mister? Said a guy sitting on my left shoulder. Leave out everything else, did the visitor have a good time on the site. Did you make him dream? Will he come back again?

Where the story of data ends, imagination starts and that’s the scary part because it is a rare commodity these days. Build engagement, start a conversation, zero moment of truth is rare because it is tough.

Data is an enabler, not the engine.

How do we rise above the mundanes of daily sales target, conversion optimisation and ROI maximisation? Feel from the heart, truly while conversing with our users. This is the only skill that cannot be copied. Experience is just one of the events in this funnel.

That is why this is the most difficult, because it requires imagination and faith. Not data, but true grit. This is not about Kaizen or Disruption, but about the age old way of doing business, which we may have forgotten. Was it lost while I was trying to uncover data?

Did you have a good time playing the game?


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