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Jumeirah is one of the few sites which loads fast on mobile. The design is clean and minimalist. Large image with a single pointed focus. The website mentions in collaboration with Google, which made me believe that this is what AMP could deliver (I realised later only the 360 feature was Google). Irrespective I was impressed with the page download speed and aesthetics of Jumeirah. Though there are other sites such as sites of Premier Inn , which boasts of 60% web direct bookings and Hilton, where is the site is an extension of the booking form. In both these sites, the experience is missing.

Google is trying to make the content consumption on mobile devices faster, the reason for AMP project genesis. (The video is highly recommended). The long page load time is definitely a bad experience. Therefore in order to speed up things, Google has made the page as simple as possible; it has its own JS library, HTML script & cache. At the same time Google acts as a CDN, to speed up the distribution. A number of interesting case studies can be found here. WordPress plug in creates the pages in AMP automatically, which loads fast on the mobile. These pages are definitely faster compared to regular mobile responsive pages.

AMP has been primarily made for the content networks such as Washington Post. However recent updates new updates have been made for video & ecommerce.

AMP could be a worthy trail for the Hotels websites, since now images through carousel and soon enough, the video will be enabled (Q4 according to Google). Content along focused call to action may give a good result. Though while researching, I couldn’t find many examples in the region, I feel since the technology is new the adoption is slow.

Mobile rules the impression space and the discovery at this point in time. The mobile experience therefore does deserve focus. AMP along with PWA should be worthy effort in this direction. Both these technologies are not expensive and at the same time deliver rich experience.

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