communication, effective communication

Communication Workshop 26-27th October 2010

This was the most interesting communication sessions that I had attended.

– No handouts
– No theory
– No powerpoint
– No movie clips
– Only discussion and interactive sessions

I didn’t come out of the workshop “Empowered” with a new theory but with self-realisation of my potential strengths.

In the age of digital technology and flashy powerpoints, this was a new discovery…

– 93% of the communication is personality driven. People make decisions (within first 30 secs) about you

– 7% is the content, which needs to be meaningful. The listener shouldn’t decide whether he/she wants to listen to you or no. The communication should be compelling enough.

– Silence has immense power. Helps to elicit response and exercise control over delivery. The use of effective silence was another great discovery.

– Use of notes, though maybe old fashioned, but is always recommended. It is a great way to gather content and self confidence.

I didn’t know it was all that easy! All you have to do is not to use powerpoint as the communication medium 🙂

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