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To my dear Petroleum Minister- Ideas on How to Book LPG Cylinders Online!

Dear Petroleum Minister,

I hope you are doing well.

I realized yesterday that the LPG cylinder booking in Delhi is automated and can be done only through IVRS or through an SMS. Let me first thank you on the initiative as I found the system to be very novel and convenient. The process requires one to register the phone number (the one that you will be making the calls from) and input a bunch of other information such as ones distributor’s phone number and customer id.

The very next day I had a cylinder delivered to my home. No more of following up with the gas distributor.

Phone may work well with the masses and I have no doubts about that. I have a request to this system online. Internet has many advantages and will help you win few more accolades…

1. email based registration: Phone numbers may change, however, the email id does change that much. Other information can be also be stored on the server such as customer id, dealer etc.

2. usage summary: The interface can also have how many times have you ordered the refill. You will know intuitively where all can you optimise.

3. request a refill: fill in the required fields such as your dealer id and your customer id to order a refill. Advanced systems can show whether the dealers have sufficient stock. If now, when is the dealer likely to get the stocks.

4. register complaints and satisfaction ratings: the channel can become an interface with customers, which you don’t have now. You will also get ideas how to better the service.

5. changes dealer: if not satisfied with the current vendor one can look for a better one with better customer rating.

6. order refills online: enable payment through a debit card/credit card.

7. gprs based phone application (some day soon): so that you need not always sit in front of a machine to order the refill.

I hope you find this idea engaging and thank you for listening. Will look forward to hear from you soon!

Yours Sincerely

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