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Are you on Facebook, eh!

It was 26th January, the date I started to recieve a number of B’day wishes. I got about calls, each of these callers had a common source- Facebook. I’m not a very active facebook user (as I have mentioned in my other posts), but I would have been one of the first guys to register on Since it was a new site, I registered with a dummy date of birthday (26 Jan). I guess my non-sociable attitude, laziness and unmanageable application are the root cause for this paranormal behavior. However, the other folks feel otherwise.

Facebook, though a very popular website, in India is behind Orkut by a big margin, 12.6 Mln (Orkut) Vs 4 Mln (Facebook). The difference is even more stark when one compares the audience duplication between the two sites. The duplication between Orkut & Facebook is to the tune of 3 Mln (therefore, it means facebook has only about 1 Mln unique visitors compared to 9.7 Mln of Orkut. However, the growth of Facebook is impressive about 150% growth in Dec’08 when compared to Dec’08 (which means Facebook is only next to Blogspot now).

The numbers might be small, but Facebook has a huge impact on the friends community. Recently, during my younger brother’s wedding, I was asked by a 50 year old Auntie- when will you put up the pictures on Facebook? Impressive indeed, Facebook has a great word of mouth. Thanks to the folks at comScore for the data!

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Not trying to prove a point 🙂


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