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What is your Knol?


A bad question to start the post for an interesting product :). The though came after a good question (rather answer) was popped during an internal quiz- “What is the unit of knowledge?”

An avid follower of Google myself, I couldn’t even attempt the question (though my able colleague did). And thus started my pursuit of KNOL, a unit of knowledge.

For the late starter, such as I, Knol is an article written by experts. Just as the information on Wikipedia. These are authoritative articles written by experts. An interesting starting point is this article in Google blog which says- 100,000th knol published (wow, I didn’t know that it was that big?).

Knol has been dubbed as the “Wikipedia killer” (Actually one of the polls on the web that I came across deems it otherwise. There is a huge loyality for Wikipedia). Now, coming back to Knol, the author who creates the knol, can accept or reject the edits made by the person writing the review. Sometimes it is also compared to Squidoo, which is also created by specialists (read authorities) and be rewarded for it. However, it has to go a long way when you compare it to 2.7 Mln content pages on wikipedia.

You can log onto and get a first hand experience yourself!

Go get yourself a knol 🙂


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