Asia Dital Marketing Yearbook 2008, India Online Population, Internet Usage

Asia Digital Marketing Yearbook 2008

The other day someone sent me Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) Yearbook, the second in the series. The association collects data from all the digital sources- Mobile, portals, e-Commerce sites. agencies, technology solution providers etc. The report gives a general picture of the region, with specifics of online population, their activity, marketer’s budgets and also illustrates trends. It is pretty comprehensive (don’t hesitate to email me at if you need the copy).

The generals excerpts (India)…

– 5.3% of India has access to Internet

Overall internet users 46 Mln with 32 million active users (Dec 2007 figures). Compare this to China(210Mln), Indonesia (25Mln), Australia (15.5Mln), Malaysia (13.5 Mln).

Amount of time Indian Internet users spend online is still low (14.8Hrs/Month), compared to regional average (21.2 Hrs/month) and global (26.2Hrs/Month)

– Google (18.6Mln Unique Visitors) and Yahoo (17.7Mln Unique visitors) are the top two sites in terms of site visitors. Among the home grown sites, Rediff (8.4Mln Unique Visitors) is at 4th position, Times Internet (6.3 Unique Visitors) at 5th and Naukri (4.1MLn visitors) is at 9th. (comScore, March 2008 Data, Age 15+ and work computers)

– More than half of all Indian active online users (51%) mainly use the internet to send mails. 20% of the users search for information and 13% for entertainment (which is grown from 8% previously)

The report does a good work to compare the statistics across the region. The report however doesn’t consider the other essential facts about India, such growing E-Commerce activity in all respects- Travel, banking and retail. Also has no information on online advertising in India. Maybe the next report will be more impressive (to highlight India’s achievements)


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