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FICCI-PricewaterhouseCoopers Entertainment and Media Report

The reports has good news for folks Media Sales&Marketing. More than anything, it gives a general trend of popular mediums consumed.

Following are the top level figures…
2006… Rs.438 Bln (Rs.43,800 Crs)
2007… Rs.513 Bln (Rs.51,300 Crs)
2012… Rs.1.157 Tln (Rs.115,700 Crs)

This means, 17% growth in 2007 over 2006 and every year after that will grow by 18%, making entertainment and Media Industry outperform a number of sectors. Television, film, print continue to dominate the media space together accounting for more than 90% of the total size of the industry. Following were other highlights…

1. Television attracted more interest among investors than any other medium. The industry has also seen venturing into online and mobile portals to distribute content.
2. Mobile Music is gaining popularity.
3. In print domain, adopted another platform, through internet (e-paper) and mobile (m-paper) to reach out to newer audience.
4. Digital Cinema is gaining popularity, and is becoming widespread with online Movie Ticket Booking and Mobile Booking.

Advertising was a significant part of this pie, and contributed 38%. Last four years (2004-07) the industry has displayed 20% growth rate, which is impressive by any standards.
2006… 161 Bln (16,000 Crs)
2007… 196 Bln (19,600 Crs)

The industry is experiencing a paradigm shift with digital platforms enabling to reach the critical masses. Digital interactive mediums are slowly becoming the advertising mainstream. Internet advertising will reach Rs. 4.2 Bln (Rs. 420 Crs) and 11 Bln by 2012 (Rs.1,100 Crs), which would only represent 2% of the whole adverting projected for 2012 (and assuming 40% advertising contribution). The growth is however very impressive at 32%. The current estimate for the Internet Media Industry is 230 Crs (Rs.2.3 Bln).

Lets look at television industry in the meantime, which is estimated to be Rs.226 Bln (22,600 Crs). By 2012, it is poised to grow to Rs.600 Bln (60,000 Crs) and CAGR of 22%, which would mean that it will still command over 60% to the total advertising pie.

Print Industry size is Rs.149 Bln (Rs. 14,900 Crs) Industry today, is poised to grow to Rs.281 Bln (28,100 Crs) by 2012. By size it would be almost half of TV industry and would contribute 30% to ad revenues. The growth is however low at the rate 14% pa.

Radio will be bigger than Internet industry, with Rs.18 Bln (1,800 Crs) with a CAGR of 24%. The current size is Rs.6.2 Bln (Rs.620 Crs).

More and more content will be digitised and this migration mirrors the global trend. Distribution of entertainment and media content will over digital and mobile platforms like online digital streaming, digital movie/TV downloads, video-on-demand, music downloaded from the Internet, music downloaded to wireless phones, online advertising, online video games, wireless video games, and online gaming, increasingly gain pace in next five years.

Read the full report here


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